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Molitva video clip news

Marija seeks songs for new album
Molitva video clip shot in Serbian and English

The video clip for this year's Eurovision Song Contest winner song Molitva has been shot in Belgrade, the clip for the English version of the song Destiny will be shot as well. Marija Serifovic and Beoton have opened a competition for debuting composers and lyricists. The winners will see their song included in Marija's forthcoming album

The video clip for Molitva was shot in a warehouse in Belgrade. The clip was produced by Moonfish, on a script by Manetu Šijanu.

Beoton and Marija Serifovic have opened a competition for new composers and lyricists. Marija, her executive producers and creative team will choose one of the songs submitted for Marija's forthcoming new album. Songs, lyrics together with the creator's contact details and CV should be sent to :

Poštanski fah 987
11 000 Beograd

source: http://www.esctoday.com/news/read/8876
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