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German chat translated

I finally found some time to translate the German chat with Marija. I believe the chatbox was filled with adults so unfortunately no funny questions about farts. :-)

My toughts are in italic. And I left out the questions to Roger Cicero. After all this is a Marija community. And I don't like the guy all that much.

Q: Hello Marija! First of all I want to congratulate you with your victory. You've made your country very proud. What interests me the most is if you'll come to Switzerland to do a concert? / Guest
A: I plan to come to Switzerland in the Summer / Marija
Is it me or will she tour all of Europe this summer except for Belgium? Damn you woman!!

Q: Marija and Roger will you sing a duet for example "Molitva" in a swing version? / Guest
A: When it is a good song, why not! / Marija

Q: When were you more nervous: when you performed in the semi or in the finale? / Molitva1989
A: I was more nervous for the semi and after I went through I realised I could win Eurovision / Marija
Sweetie, I tought you could win the whole thing after I heard your song for the first time. When I saw you on my telly your appearance was an added bonus. :D

Q: Marija you've been honoured in Serbia for 50.000 people - what was it like for you? Was it like anything you've ever felt in your life before? / Srbangel
A: I can't capture the feeling in words, it was gigantic! / Marija

Q: What does Molitva mean to you personally? / Molitva 1989
A: I am religious and I believe in God but the song has nothing to do with my personal believes. / Marija

Q: What does the tattoo mean on your arm? / MarijaCarica
A: That's personal, but every letter has its meaning. / Marija

Q: Will you tour in Germany? / Guest
A: We're working on it. On June 8th I give a big concert in Belgrado and after that I might come to Germany. / Marija
It seems like nothing is sure when it comes to concerts in other countries other than Serbia. So hear my plea: Belgium! Belgium! Belgium!

Q: What was it like to win the Eurovison Song Contest? / Fishbone
A: It is unbelievable, I am very proud and the feeling can't be captured in words. / Marija

Q: Marija, congrats, the song is great!! When can we buy the cd in Germany? / Guest
A: The cd will be out at the end of the summer and I hope he will be available in Germany then. / Marija
Not so sure about the translation of this one...

Q: Is it right that it was a lot more difficult to win the Serbian preselection than Eurovison itself? / Ognjen_koldzic
A: It was a lot more difficult- there was a lot of disagreement. / Marija

Q: Marija when will the video of "Molitva" be out? / Srbija_Molitva
A: The English version will be out first, then the Serbian. / Marija

Q: What were your favourites in the Eurovison finale? / Vladan
A: Belarus, Germany and the Ukraine
Really? Germany??! No offence but jazz?? Euuurgh.

Q: Marija, what interest me is, what hobbies do you have besides singing? / Frank25
A: I spend a lot of time on the internet, I like to play with the Playstation and (I like) tennis. / Marija
Let's hope she finds this site... :-)

Q: Do you write your own songs? / Evie
A: I haven't tried in a long time, but I don't exclude it for the future. / Marija

Q: What version of "Molitva" do you like best? / Molitva1989
A: The danceversion!!! / Marija

Q: What do you expect from Eurovision in Belgrado? / Nevenka
A: I have fullfilled my promises and I got ESC to Belgrado. I hope that the ones responsible will build further on what I started. / Marija

Q: Marija will you take part in ESC as moderator in Belgrado? / bjoern
A: We have a lot of ideas, I might be a moderator. / Marija
Not so sure about the translation of this one, but if I understand it rightly Marija might present ESC 2008! *swoon*

Q: What do you think about the accusations that your song is plagerism from a song out of Albania? / champs
A: I don't want to respond to that. / Marija

Q: Has your life changed since your victory? / nina
A: It hasn't quite hit me yet - I work 24 hours a day and I don't sleep a lot. / Marija
Poor thing! Come into my arms. You can always come and sleep in our bed.

Q: What do you want to say to all the future particpants of ESC? Back to the roots? More music and less show! / BANJO
A: Either sing something completely crazy like Lordi or something classical like my song. /Marija

Q: How does your perfect day look like? / Nika
A: Drink orange juice, sit in small bars and cafés and enjoy the day /Marija

Q: What do you wish for in the future? /Christin
A: I hope to have an international singing career and than to be with my partner and live on an island.
She said "partner" and not "boyfriend" or "husband" or anything exclusively male. There is hope people! :-)

And that concludes the chat conversation!
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